Social Inclusion 2012

Design and Planning for Social Inclusion 2012

Sju grupper av arkitekt-, planerar- och ingenjörsstudenter från tio olika länders arbetade under kursen med olika projekt, fem i Bergjön och två i Hammarkullen. Nedan hittar du länkar till sammanställningarna av gruppernas arbeten.

Below you will find compilations of the projects carried out by the seven groups. Five groups worked in Bergsjön and two in Hammarkullen – two areas in Gothenburg constructed during the million homes programme in the 1960s and 1970s.



Bananhuset is a 168 apartments residential house in Bergsjön.The main task of the project is a proposal for renovation and smart refurbishment ideas which were developed through consultation with the municipal landlord Familjbostäder and some of the residents.

Group members: Anna Katarina Bauder, Amélie Chauvin, James Ford, Alexandra Papadaki

Read more: Bananhuset project portfolio

Separate website:

Komettorget 7/11

The project regards strategies for the development of Komettorget in Bergsjön, with focus on analysing the different perspectives of a multitude of local stakeholders.

Group members: Ralph Endemann, Kezia Adhiambo Ogada, Philip Hettinger, Joel Agumba, Karianne Rydstrøm

Read more: Komettorget project portfolio 2012

Separate website:

Movements Bergsjön

The project focuses on the social aspects of movements, connection and safety within the district of Bergsjön. It proposes a set of design strategies for the development of tram stops, pedestrian pathways and the area around an old water tower.

Group members: Jessica Andersson, Ika Danielsson, Sara Johansson, George Obare Odunga

Read more: Movements Bergsjon project portfolio

Separate website:


This project concerns the life between the buildings in the highrise apartment housing area of Siriusgatan in Bergsjön, including court yards, walk paths, greenery, parks, meeting places etc. The aim is to take advantage of the great amount of space surrounding the buildings and turn it in to qualitative places where people want to stay, feel stimulated, proud and safe.

Group members: Karin Darj, Alexandra Romanov, Marie de Waal, Nisse Örnberg

Read more: Siriusgatan project portfolio

Separate website:


The project aims to explore potential renovations of the collective house Stacken in Bergsjön. The changes aim to reinvigorate Stacken’s spirit of collective living and increase its sustainability. This work has been made in cooperation with and based on the ideas of the residents of Stacken.

Group members: Karin Andersson, Caroline Glabik, Ellen Persson, Megan Prier

Read more: Stacken project portfolio

Separate website:


Bredfjällsplatsen refers to an open space in Hammarkullen. The aim of the project was to redesign the open space to be a meeting place for the people in the area. The main task was to identify the needs of the inhabitants by involving them in workshops and interviews with a view of gathering what they like and don’t like in the space and what exactly were the changes they had wanted us to address.

Group members: Daniela Gonzalez, Jane Ogada, Olof Bern Antonsson

Read more: Bredfjallsplatsen project portfolio

Separate website:

Lärandets Torg

The work takes part in the ’Lärandets Torg’ vision which is a network of local stakeholders in Hammarkullen working together to develop meeting places for education, cultural practitioners and local businesses. The goal is mainly to make the education system more accessible, to improve the local environment and strengthen the community life. This proposal focuses on the need for a new community center, thought as a node between inhabitants, local associations, the university and the city.

Group members: Elodie Benoit, Hélène Bourgeois, Marie Medunová

Read more: Larandets Torg project portfolio

Separate website:

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